Chic [sheek]

chic  [sheek] adjective, chic·er, chic·est.

1. attractive and fashionable; stylish: a chic hat. noun

2. style and elegance, especially in dress: Paris clothes have such chic.

3. stylishness; modishness: the chic of the firstnighters.

4. casual and understated style, as in dress or décor, that expresses a specified trendy lifestyle or activity: Black-rimmed glasses bring some geek chic to your outfit.

Origin:1855–60; < French < German Schick skill

 Related formschic·ly, adverb, chic·ness, noun su·per·chic, adjective ul·tra·chic, adjective

 Can be confused: chic, chick.

 Synonyms:1. smart, elegant, modish.

Look in the Mirror

Your mirror is your style’s best friend. I say this because everything is not fashionable and fashion is not style. Anyone can coordinate an outfit together but it takes vision to define style. Being aligned with the latest trend is not style. Its following the leader. Your style is your personality expressed in the way you wear a trend. When you look in the mirror and look like everyone else following that trend, you are doing yourself a disservice and fail to see the potential in what you are wearing. Everyday I see people in cute outfits that are made ugly because the person wearing  it failed to look in the mirror and say “how can I make this look like me and less like them?”. After you get dressed and before you leave out ask yourself “what can I remove from this look to make it better and what can I add to it to make it Me?”

Fall Style 2013

So glad Fall is almost here. Time to break out the scarves, boots and long sleeves. This is the time of year, where style show’s itself off. Excited for the twill, the plaid and this year trying something new with neons/brights and neutrals. Leathers and lace. Ruffles and denim. Oh My!


Look for upcoming photos of my fall style.